Angela Montanez

Angela L. Montanez is a Health & Fitness Rebel, Expert, Blogger, Psychic/Medium, and Plant-Based Foodie in New York City. She empowers women to get fit, stay fit, and to become their favorite success story. She is the lead wellness creator at AngelaLMontanez, a wellness agency,  and a fit-fashion blogger at

Angela has lost 120+ pounds and was featured in People Magazine’s "Half Their Size" Special Edition 2017, People Magazine's annual “Half Their Size” issue for 2016,  Good Morning America, ABC News, E! News, Inside Edition, The Huffington Post, Forks Over Knives Success Stories, and more.  She is an avid believer of herbal medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, a plant-based diet, and other alternative forms of healing that have assisted her in rebuilding her health while enduring 25+ years with an autoimmune liver disease. 

Angela resides in New York City with her family and 2 dogs.