Door 24 was named in tribute to my mother, Nadine Fonseca Montanez, and her courageous health and entrepreneurial efforts. She dared to dream BIG and moved forward on her dreams by learning how to develop various home-based ventures and by spending time researching methods that would bring her closer to optimal health. You see, I was a child with a life-threatening disease. We lived in an apartment building known as building D and our apartment number was 24. In the walls of Door 24, My mother birthed many creative businesses and together we suffered many health hardships. She did it all while enduring a battle with Lupus Erythematous. In addition to her 9 to 5, where she counseled emotionally distraught children, I watched her create gift baskets, throw lavish social events, bake, teach fitness classes, institute community events for children, and her final venture, sell jewelry. 

My mother was a warrior, a fighter, a caretaker, and an active dreamer. With Door 24, I take the best of what I learned from her and mend it with my own passion to create health & wellness events, to empower women to go from frightened to fierce, and to create spaces of serenity for individuals like you looking to live fiercely and live peacefully. It's awesome that the loves, joys, and causes of my mother have become my own and I can now help women to become fiercely focused to lead their greatest lives. 

Be Fierce!

Angela L. Montanez