*Through the assessment process, Angela uncovers options. Clients make their own choice as to how the material provided is applied to their life circumstances. Each of us determines our next step on one’s life path. Each reading and consultation offered and chosen by the client provides clarity and validation to take the next step. Some of these services will interweave with one another depending on the nature of the reading* 


Medical Intuitive & Food Energy Readings (Includes Pranic Energy Healings). 


When we experience a low level of prana, essence, life force, breath, or energy (or whatever other synonyms you can think of), what often precedes or follows this deficit is the inflammatory state of disease. 

In this reading, I will communicate and explore your auric /energy field of the body and discuss the findings. Some areas will be validated for you and others may be new. Some discoveries will relate to a past life or a loved one who has passed on and are grief related. Much of it may be emotional and food related.  We will also discuss foods that will work for your body and foods that are not a good fit. 


Life & Soul Path


The life and soul path readings are one of my favorite readings. These readings, guided by your Angels and guides, help guide you along the path that your soul seeks. This is a path that your soul has requested and is working toward in this lifetime. This reading will provide you with clarity, validation, emotional freedom, alignment, and the moxie necessary to take action and live the life of your dreams--your soul's calling. 



When our loved ones pass on and depart from this physical existence, we feel a great degree of grief, sadness, and oftentimes despair, anxiety, and great fear. We are not sure if they still exist and if we, ourselves, will exist once our time on this earthly plane has ceased. This session will help validate, provide hope, love, and a means of communication between you and your deceased loved ones. In this session, you may also hear from your Angels and/or guides. 

Before the start of this session, it is best to pray, meditate, or sit in silence for 5 minutes or more and just enjoy the solitude. This activity helps to relax you, relax your defenses, and "open you up" allowing more clarity to come from and through you.



Many of us dream consistently, several times per week, per night, and some of us rarely dream at all. One thing we all have in common is the propensity to remember our dreams in stark detail as well as interpret them. Some of us have the same dreams for years without any resolve as to its meaning or direction. We may also have dreams that are actual visitations, visions, or have a spiritual encounter right before or after a dream. Either way, wise guidance is necessary. 

In this session, we will explore your dream and spiritual encounter, breakdown its figurative and literal components, it's relation to your past, present, and/or future, and how it relates to your present self. 

Spiritual Encounters & Dream Interpretation




Kundalini/Shaman Illness Awakening Consulting 


Going through a spiritual awakening, whether spontaneous or intentional, can be a very jarring experience full of extreme's, sadness, dark nights of the soul, and it can also have mental and physical implications before the peace and harmony set in. Going through awakenings is never easy and I am over a year into my "umpteenth" awakening during my lifetime. 

During this session, we will discuss your current stage of awakening, divine messaging regarding your stage of awakening, and coping techniques as you endure this process. For those of you enduring an awakening that has been very intense, I encourage you to read up on your signs and symptoms, see a physician, visit those who practice alternative therapies, and be vigilant in rebuilding yourself.

Here is one of my favorite online resources for Kundalini Awakening Symptoms, a Kundalini testimony, and a guide on the transformation process. A Shaman associate and healer passed this info along during one of my darkest hours as she assisted me through my own process: 



Business And Soul Alignment


Often times as business owners, entrepreneurs, and rising leaders of industry, we may make a steady and comfortable income or we are struggling. If we make a great living, the income makes us happy and we have freedom to create and express ourselves through our creativity and travel. We have the financial support to live our soul's calling in other ways even if it is not the main focus of our business. However, when we are struggling--and have a soul based business--we question whether or not our work is aligned with our life path and soul's calling. We want to make sure we are living out our purpose, happy, and financially independent and comfortable. This is where I can assist you. 

In this session, we will focus on your inner child and soul's calling aka your soul's desired life path or purpose. And we will discuss how we can align this path with your present reality right now. 




Do you have an adult birthday party, wedding, or any other social event that you would love to have 

In this session, we will focus on your inner child and soul's calling aka your soul's desired life path or purpose. And we will discuss how we can align this path with your present reality right now. 


Social Groups & Parties: 

$50 Per Person



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Educational Groups & Presentations: 

$300/hr plus expenses